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Download F. Visconti, L. Stefanon, L. Camporeale, F. Susin, L. Ridolfi e S. Lanzoni (2012). Bed evolution measurement with flowing water in morphodynamics experiments, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, doi:10.100

Download L. Stefanon, A. Rinaldo e L. D’Alpaos (2012). Indagine sperimentale sugli effetti prodotti dalle variazioni del livello medio del mare sulle reti di canali a marea, XXXIII Convegno di Idraulica e Costruzioni

Download Stefanon, L., L. Carniello, A. D'Alpaos and A. Rinaldo (2012). Signatures of sea level changes on tidal geomorphology: Experiments on network incision and retreat. Geophysical Research Letters, 39, L12402, doi:10.1029/2012GL051953

Download Stefanon, L., L. Carniello, A. D'Alpaos and S. Lanzoni (2010). Experimental analysis of tidal network growth and development. Cont. Shelf Res. doi:10.1016/j.csr.2009.08.018

Download L. Stefanon, A. Defina, S. Lanzoni, F.M. Susin e L. D’Alpaos (2008). Caratteristiche morfologiche di reti a marea generate in laboratorio, XXXI Convegno di Idraulica e Costruzioni Idrauliche - IDRA2008, Peru

Download G.Tesser, L.Carniello, A.Defina, S.Lanzoni, F.Susin, and L.D'Alpaos, Experimental analysis of tidal network growth and development, 32° Congress of IAHR, Harmonizing the Demand of Art and Nature in Hydraulics, Venice July 1-6 2007, Vol. 1, SS16-10 pag 240

Download P.Salandin, M.Camporese, Flume experiments of log incipient motion in rivers, Eos Trans. AGU, 88(52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract H41A-0127, 2007.

Download G.Tesser, A.D'Alpaos, S.Lanzoni, Morphological characteristics of laboratory generated tidal networks, River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics: RCEM 2007, Dohmen-Janssen & Hulscher (eds), Taylor & Francis Group, London, pp. 771-777, ISBN 978-0-415-45

Download A. Defina, F.M.Susin, Multiple states in open channel flow, In Vorticity and turbulence effects in fluid structures interactions - Advances in Fluid Mechanics, Ed. M.Brocchini and F.Trivellato, SOUTHAMPTON: Wessex Insitute of Technology Press (UNITED KIN

Download A. Defina, S.M.Susin, Hysteretic behavior of the flow under a vertical sluice gate, Physics of Fluids, vol. 15(9), pp. 2541-2548, ISSN: 1070-6631, 2003.

Download N.Ursino, P.Salandin, and L.Da Deppo, Fluctuating pressures at the bottom of a plunge pool, proceedings of XXX IAHR Congress, Vol. C, 191-198, 2003.

Download V.Fiorotto and P.Salandin, Design of anchored slabs in spillway stilling basins, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 126 (7), 502-512, 2000.

Download A. Defina, S.Lanzoni, S.M.Susin, Stability of a stratified viscous shear flow in a tilted tube, Physics of Fluids, vol. 11, pp. 344-355, ISSN: 1070-6631, 1999.

Download A. Defina, Transverse spacing of low-speed streaks in a channel flow over a rough bed. In Coherent Flow Structures in Open Channels, Edited by P.J. Ashworth, S.J. Bennet, J.L. Best & S.J. McLelland. John Wiley & Sons, ISBN:0-471-95723-2, 87-99, 1996.

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