CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - Advanced Topics in Digital Art History Summer Institute - Summer School 2023

Application deadline: January 31, 2023

With the generous support of the Getty Foundation, Duke University's Digital Art History & Visual Culture Research Lab (DAHVCR Lab), in partnership with colleagues from the Università degli Studi di Padova, the University of Exeter, and VIU, will be offering a two-year Advanced Topics in Digital Art History Summer Institute on the topic "Exhibiting Hidden Histories: Bringing Art History Projects to Publics through Digital Exhibitions and XR."

By engaging with the topic of Exhibiting Hidden Histories, the Institute will take a critical approach to cultural heritage and memory. In particular, all participants will begin by collaboratively modeling the issues of difficult art histories through the case study of the island of San Servolo itself, whose history encompasses its transition from a convent in early-modern Venice to a mental asylum through the Fascist period. They will be expected to take these lessons learned into developing their own individual team projects. This theme is central to current concerns in shifting art historical questions to a broader and more critical range of historical and cultural subjects.

Suitable for: established teams working in the field of digital art history or cultural heritage. They are expected to be leading a Digital Art History project and to have a key set of research questions identified, as well as to have demonstrated some progress in developing their research program. Alumni of past Visualizing Venice Summer Workshops will be especially encouraged to apply on behalf of their research teams.

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