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Padova Winter School on "Methods and Models in Freight Transportation and Logistics"


Dal 01.03.2018 al 09.03.2018


Padova Winter School on "Methods and Models in Freight Transportation and Logistics" (


The University of Padova Winter School (WS) on “Methods and models in freight transportation and logistics” will take place in Padova, Italy, from the 1st to 9th of March 2018. The event will be hosted by University of Padova and Padova Fiere, and is organized in partnership with Euro Working Group on Transportation, under the patronage of the Italian association of Transport Accademics (SIDT), Padova Fiere and Interporto di Padova.

It aims at gathering early stage researchers will establish a network of outstanding people who hopefully will continue to work together in the future. The course will be composed by morning lectures and afternoon workshops and tutorials. Applicants must have a single-authored or co-authored paper in the selected field, which has not yet been published, nor accepted for publication. Joint cultural and outdoors activities are also planned. To apply to the WS, applicants have to submit their curriculum vitae, their paper together with a motivation statement to the Scientific Committee of the WS. The official language is English


EURO Mini Conference on "Advances in Freight Transportation and Logistics"


Dal 07.03.2018 al 09.03.2018


EURO mini Conference on "Advances in Freight Transportation and Logistics" (

The EURO Mini Conference call for papers focused on methods and models in the fields of OR and Transportation Engineering aimed at solve complex problems related to the topics.

The conference will try to answer to the following key questions:

  • “What are the future of freight transportation and logistic?”
  • “How have to be a modern/smart city in order to get a sustainable freight mobility?”
  • “What are the best solutions academia can give for supporting companies, shipping agents, logistic operators and public administrations in managing freight distribution?”


The event it will be hosted within the “Green Logistics Expo” that is an international event organized by Padova Fiere. It will be the occasion in which academia and stakeholders will try to answer to the key questions above. Padova Fiere will host the event giving us space for plenary, regular sessions and for workshops. The event is organised within the activities of the Euro Working Group of Transportation  (EWGT) with the support of the Association of European Operational Research Societies (EURO).