Overview on EURO EWI

EURO Winter Institutes (EWI) are an instrument EURO has established for the encouragement of good scientific and social relationships between promising early stage OR scientists in Europe. The main purpose of each EWI is to establish in each OR field a network of outstanding people who will continue to work together in the future.

Participation at an EWI can be considered as an honor, as it is limited to a restricted group of early stage researchers, who are either PhD students or who have less than two years research experience since completing a PhD.

To be eligible, a candidate must have a single-authored or co-authored paper in the field of Transportation and Logistics, which has not yet been published, nor accepted for publication.

To apply to the EWI, candidates from a EURO member society country, or studying in a EURO member society country, should submit their curriculum vitae, their paper together with a motivation statement to the Scientific Committee of the EWI. Additionally, up to two candidates can be appointed by IFORS, according to the EURO and IFORS exchange for ESWIs.

The Scientific Committee selects and ranks (in the case of more than one accepted from the same country) the candidates.

Every participant gives a well-prepared presentation of her/his paper as a starting point for discussion.

Invited experts' lectures will be included in the program, as well as tutorials and workshops conducted by the Scientific Committee.