Roads, Railways and Airports

Marco Pasetto,
Emiliano Pasquini,
Giovanni Giacomello,
Andrea Baliello,

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Summary of activities and detailed description of research themes
The research group is involved in studies concerning the transportation infrastructures, with particular emphasis on planning, design, construction, management, maintenance and control of roads, railways, junctions, intermodal freight terminals and airports.
The research specifically deals with aspects such as: durability, functionality and safety of infrastructures and superstructures/pavements; their impact on the environment and territory and landscape preservation; sustainability and circular economy; financial and economic impact; vehicles and drivers’ behavior.
The activity is made possible by a well-equipped laboratory, where research on transport infrastructure materials is developed and makes possible studies and analyses concerning construction and maintenance materials, construction technologies and pavement engineering.

In particular, the main experimental research topics concern:

  • physical-mechanical characterization of soils and earthworks
  • rheology of binders, mastics and mixtures in cold, warm, and hot mixtures
  • marginal (artificial and recycled) materials
  • experimental characterizations of road and airport pavement and railway track materials
  • hydraulically bound mixtures
  • high-performance bituminous mixtures
  • pavement surface treatments
  • thermal properties of pavements
  • urban heat island mitigation
  • energy harvesting systems for road pavements
  • surface characterization of pavements
  • road and airport markings

Further research topics are the following: informative road systems, driving simulation, active and passive road safety countermeasures, road equipment, integrated design, safety and management of working sites.  

Keywords: Pavement Engineering, Pavement Materials, Transportation Infrastructures, Road Safety