Vladimiro Achilli,
Massimo Fabris,
Andrea Menin,
Michele Monego,

Research areas:
The research topics that involve the group in the sector of Geomatics concern scientific and educational-training activities in the fields of physical, geometric and spatial geodesy, classical topography, aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry, cartography, remote sensing, navigation and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The scientific-disciplinary concern the acquisition, processing, restitution, analysis and management of metric or thematic data relating to the surface of the Earth, or portions of it, including the urban environment, infrastructures and the architectural heritage, identified by their spatial position and qualified by the accuracy of the survey. The application areas concerns, in particular, the global and local reference systems, the global and local gravity field, the instruments and methods of detection, control and monitoring of deformations of the territory, structures and Cultural Heritage, the processing of data, the production and updating of cartography and topographic databases, the works tracking and infrastructures, mobile surveying systems, numerical models of land and surfaces, the management of multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary, multi-resolution and multi-temporal geographical information. The research group has consolidated experience both in the data acquisition phase with classic topographic methods, GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), photogrammetric (also from drone) and terrestrial laser scanning, and in 3D processing and restitution. Several applications have been carried out for the three-dimensional surveys and the monitoring of deformations, both in the territorial area (subsidence and landslides) and in the architectural and Cultural Heritage fields, for the documentation and the conservation of archaeological sites, monuments and historical buildings.

Keywords: geomatics, topography and cartography, deformations monitoring, 3D surveys