Maritime laboratory - Wave basin (3D)

Dimensions: 20.6 m x17.8 m (height 0.80 m).
It is equipped with a movable hydraulic wave paddle, 0.85 m high and 8.0 m long (extendible to 10.0 m) with serve-valve and position transducer connected to personal computer, allowing to generate regular and irregular wave attacks of assigned spectral characteristics as well as solitary waves (with set- down compensation). The wave paddle can oscillate horizontally, and act as a piston. It may be moved, for generation of oblique waves.


The typical tests that can be effectuated in the wave basin are::

  • Wave penetration in harbours
  • Floating structures such as, floating breakwaters, buoys, wave energy devices
  • Wave beach structure interaction: scouring, fluxes through and above the structure, etc.    
  • Structural stability analyses (using 3D digital elevation photographic technique)
  • Movable bed model   
  • Harbour siltation analysis 



Following it is reported a photo gallery that shows some pictures regarding projects done in the wave basin.