Associate Professor

Address: Via Marzolo, 9 - Padova

Phone: 049 8276840


Scientific sector: ICAR/11 - BUILDING PRODUCTION


Rossana Paparella graduated in civil engineering in may 1983 at Padua University; in the academic year 1983-84 she earned her Specialization Course in Building Industrialization and in the academic year 1984-85 she earned her Specialization Course in Territory Engineering, both from Padua University, Faculty of engineering, Institute of Architecture and Urbanism. In 1984 she has won the scholarship “ing. Guglielmo Marin” of the Veneto Institute of Letters Sciences and Arts in Venice reserved to the graduates in Engineering of the university of Padua to develop a six month stage at a laboratory in western Europe; from august 1984 to january 1985 she has developed a 6 month stage near the Centre Scientifique et Téchnique du Batiment (C.S.T.B.) of Marne-La-Vallé, where she developed the following research topic: "Etude des risques de condensations dans les vêtures étanches". In 1987 she won a researcher contest (S.S.D. ICAR/10) at the engineering school of Trento University where she worked up to 2003 and subsequently she works up to 2011 at the university of Padua. In the November 2010, following a comparative evaluation she has been qualified for the associate professor position for the sector S.S.D. ICAR /11. In December 2011 she has gone on duty as associate professor. She teaches Building Production and Laboratory, Building Restoration and Conservation - Master Degree in Building Engineering/Architecture and Building Production – Civil Engineering . She was the director of the Master “Bio-building and management of Real Estate Projects in Africa”.
The research activity focuses on innovation and sustainability in the building process. In particular, it deals with issues related to product innovation and process innovation in the construction sector, the quality control of products for the construction and their integration in the building. She is author of over 100 publications of which 70 at international level. Her scientific production consists in monographs and articles on book and contributions on proceedings of international conferences CIB, IAHS and IABSE at international level and ISTeA at national level. She was responsible of numerous research project. She is member of UNI ( Italian body of standardization) IAI (International Alliance for Interoperability) and CIB (International Council for Building) and she is advisor of the DAUR CIB Student Chapter in Padua that she has contributed to constitute in the year 2010 until 2016. Since 2013 she participates as expert in the activities of the IEA-SHC Task 51 Solar Energy in Urban Planning ( The research program was developed from 2013 to 2017.


2018 - Contribution in conference proceedings
Angelo Bertolazzi, Mauro Caini, Marco Campagnola, Giorgio Croatto, Rossana Paparella, Umberto Turrini (2018). From superelevation to refurbishment the case of the Ater Quarter in via Gramsci, Rovigo (1967-1971), Proceedings of 42nd IAHS WORLD CONGRESS: The housing for the dignity of mankind, 10-13th April 2018, Naples, Italy.

2017- Article in academic journal
Lobaccaro Gabriele, Carlucci Salvatore, Croce Silvia, Paparella Rossana, Finocchiaro Luca (2017). Boosting solar accessibility and potential of urban districts in the Nordic climate: A case study in Trondheim. SOLAR ENERGY, vol. 149, p. 347-369, ISSN: 0038-092X, doi: 10.1016/j.solener.2017.04.015;

2017- Paper in volume
Paparella Rossana, Caini Mauro (2017). Sistemi modulari abitativi temporanei e reimpiegabili ad alta efficienza energetica. In: (a cura di): Gabriele Bernardini Elisa Di Giuseppe, Colloqui.At.e 2017 DEMOLITION OR RECONSTRUCTION?. vol. 1, p. 1097-1107, MONFALCONE (GORIZIA):EdicomEdizioni, ISBN: 9788896386583;

2017- Paper in volume
Paparella Rossana, Caini Mauro (2017). New settlements for a nZEB residential and handicrafts intended use: a case study. In: (a cura di): Angelo Ciribini Giuseppe Alaimo Pietro Capone Bruno Daniotti Guido dell'Osso Maurizio Nicolella, Re-shaping the construction industry. POLITECNICA, vol. 1, p. 323-332, Sant'Arcangelo di Romagna: Maggioli editore, ISBN: 9788891624864, ISSN: 2240-4392;

2017- Contribution in conference proceedings
Rossana Paparella (2017). Sustainable Use of Natural Resources In Construction Works: a Case Study of Social Housing.. In: Vital Cities and Reversible Buildings. vol. 1, p. 104-109, Sarajevo Green Design Foundation, (SGDF) Bosnia and Herzegovina and the University of Twente (UT), the Netherlands., ISBN: 9789082169836, Mostar - Bosnia and Herzegovina, 4 - 7 october 2017;

2016- Article in academic journal
Paparella Rossana, Caini Mauro (2016). Comparison among environmental certification systems. Relationships between systems and project. Case study: the recovery of a RSA. VALORI E VALUTAZIONI, p. 39-56, ISSN: 2036-240

2016- Paper in volume
Caini Mauro, Paparella Rossana (2016). Nearly zero energy multifunctional modules for public use. In: (a cura di): Angelo Ciribini Giuseppe Alaimo Pietro Capone Bruno Daniotti Guido Dell'Osso Maurizio Nicolella, BACK TO 4.0: RETHINKING THE DIGITAL CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY. vol. 1, p. 289-298, Sant'Arcangelo di Romagna (RN):Maggioli Editore, ISBN: 978889161807

2015 - Paper in volume
Paparella Rossana, Caini Mauro (2015). Approccio Metodologico per il Recupero Sostenibile del Patrimonio Edilizio Esistente: Applicazione in Casi Studio Significativi. In: (a cura di): Cecilia Mazzoli Davide Prati, Colloqui AT.e 2015. L'evoluzione del sapere in Architettura Tecnica. vol. 2, p. 259-268, Maggioli, ISBN: 9788891619068

2015- Paper in volume
Zanchetta Carlo, Paparella Rossana, Cecchini Cristina, Alessio Giulia (2015). Performance based building design through Building Energy Modeling (BEM). In: (a cura di): G. Alaimo P. Capone A. Ciribini B. Daniotti G. Dell'Osso M. Nicolella, Environmental Sustainability, Circular Economy and Building Production. vol. 1, p. ..., Sant'Arcangelo di Romagna: Maggioli S.p.A. Editore, ISBN: 978-8891612229.

Lecturer's Publications (PDF): E66DCD1914DA2A0E6F3A77D6B222A741.pdf



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