Associate Professor

Address: Via Marzolo, 9 - Padova

Phone: 049 8275589


Scientific sector: MAT/08 - NUMERICAL ANALYSIS


Luca Bergamaschi received in 1994 the PhD in Computational Mathematics. From July 1995 to September 2007 he has been researcher in the field of Numerical Analyis at the Department of Civil Environmental and Architectural Engineering (University of Paduao). From October 1st, 2007 he is Associate Professor at the same department. He is currently teaching two basic courses of Calcolo Numerico and one of Calculus at the School of Engineering.
His scientific interests concern numerical linear algebra (iterative solution of large linear systems and eigenproblems), parallel algorithms in the solution of constrained optimization problems and discretized partial differential equations arising from flow, transport and geomechanical problems. He took part in several italian and european research projects among which the EC project Radionuclide Contamination of Soils and Groundwater at the Lake Karachai Waste Disposal Site (Russia) and the Chernobyl Accident Site (Ukraine): Field Analysis and Modeling Study. Luca Bergamaschi is author of about 120 scientific papers in international refereed journals, books and conference proceedings.



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  Research Activity

  • Low-rank update of preconditioners for sequences of linear systems.
  • Preconditioners for iterative eigensolvers for the partial symmetric eigenvalue problem.
  • Preconditioners of KKT systems arising in the Interior Point solution of Constrained Optimization problems.



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