Assistant Professor

Address: Via Ognissanti, 39 - Padova

Phone: 049 8277997


Scientific sector: ICAR/07 - GEOTECHNICS


Giampaolo Cortellazzo, Ph.D. in Geotechnical Engineering, has been and still is teaching at the University of Padua as a lecturer in the teachings of Geotechnics, Geotechnical Analysis and Modeling, and Foundations.
He has been Italian representative in the Technical Committee TC 15 "Peat and organic soils" of ISSMFE and Italian responsible in the European research project EuroSoilStab, aimed at the study of methods for the stabilization of organic soft soils in the design and construction of railways, roads and other infrastructures.
The main lines of study are those related to experimental soil mechanics, retaining structures and foundation piles. In particular, research activity is directed toward theoretical and experimental modeling of the behavior of clayey and peaty soils, the study of soil-structure interaction phenomena, and the examination of issues related to safety assessment in geotechnical engineering, with special emphasis on surface and deep foundation works. In recent times, he has also devoted himself to geotechnical issues concerning the behavior of landfills during the cultivation and post-closure phases.



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