Full Professor

Address: Via Loredan, 20 - Padova

Phone: 049 8275427


Scientific sector: ICAR/01 - HYDRAULICS


Defina is author of more than 100 papers, among which 30 in peer-review journals.

A list of selected papers can be found at (some are available for download)

  Research Activity

  • SHALLOW WATER FLOWS: two-dimensional and three-dimensional mathematical modeling (including transport and diffusion, and wind wave generation and propagation); shallow flows over partially dry domains; interacting surface and subsurface flow.
  • RIVER AND LAGOON MORPHODYNAMICS: two-dimensional morphodynamic modeling (free bar evolution, tidal basins evolution).
  • NEAR-WALL COHERENT TURBULENT STRUCTURES: experimental studies on near-wall turbulent coherent structures over rough wall.
  • DENSITY CURRENTS: stability of uniform/accelerated stratified shear flow.
  • VEGETATED OPEN CHANNEL FLOW: Flow and turbulence assessment; floating seeds dynamics
  • BASIC FLUID MECHANICS: Hysteretic behavior of a supercritical flow approaching an obstacle, stability of a stationary hydraulic jump in an upward sloping channel.



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