PHD School - Research topics

The active research topics in the PhD School concern some of the most significant issues currently addressed by the international scientific community in the fields of Hydraulics, Structural Engineering, Geotechnics, Environmental Engineering, and Numerical Methods, with a specific attention towards the computational modeling of the processes of interest and multi-scale laboratory and field investigation. The main research topics currently under development, often entailing a strong inter-disciplinary approach, are as follows:

Fluid Mechanics and Morphodynamics (proff. Carniello, Defina, Lanzoni, Susin)

Hydrology, Hydraulics and Maritime Engineering (proff. Botter, Camporese, Marani, Martinelli, Rinaldo, Ruol, Salandin, Ursino)

Environmental Engineering (proff. Cossu, Lavagnolo, Raga)

Soil Mechanics (proff. Carrubba, Cola, Simonini)

Structural Engineering (proff. Modena, Pellegrino, Scotta, Vitaliani)

Computational Mechanics and Biomechanics (proff. Boso, MaioranaPesavento, Salomoni, Sanavia)

Advanced Numerical Methods for Engineering (proff. Ferronato, Janna, Putti)